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Radiopharmaceuticals have gained considerable interest in the investment community recently, with the advent of innovative therapeutics such as Alpharadin® of Bayer, an alpha-emitter based treatement for prostate cancer, due for marketing authorisation by end 2012, or new radiopharmaceutical PET imaging agents, such as the Alzheimer agent Florbetapir® of AVID pharmaceuticals, licensed in April 2012, having been the key component of Lilly´s $ 800 million acquisition of AVID by Eli Lilly in late 2010.

Radiopharmaceuticals, due to their particle emission allow direct assessment of pharmacokinetics (distribution in the body) and target uptake (e.g. into tumour) by imaging methodologies such as PET (positron emission tomography) or SPECT (single photon computed tomography).
For both, the therapeutic agent 131I-ACD-101 and the diagnostic agent 124-ACD-101 tumour targeting and efficacy have been demonstrated, minimizing the development risk, compared to conventional drug candidates
The existing pharmacokinetic, dosimetric and pharmacodynamic data on ACD-101 demonstrate, that tumoricidic doses of 131I-ACD-101 can be administered to humans with an acceptable safety profile. First human therapies on compassionate use basishave shown very encouraging results.

ACD-101 is a small molecule. It is radioactively labeled with 131I for therapy (131I-ACD-101) :
  • Radiotoxicity + radiosensitiser effect + cytostatic effect
  • Highly specific glioma targeting, intracellular uptake and retention
  • Universal glioma affinity (WHO grade I – IV)
  • Ability to induce necrosis and apoptosis in glioma cells
  • Proven histological tumor clearance in vivo (RNU rat)
  • Allows for endoradiotherapy (ERT) using systemic administration (I.V.)
  • Fits into current treatment schedules, synergistic to these
and with 124I as a PET tracer for diagnosis (124I-ACD101):
  • Universal glioma affinity (WHO grade I – IV)
  • Optimised supply chain through centralize manufacturing
  • Comprehensive human patient data available

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