Evidence from meta-analyses strongly supports a survival benefit for glioma patients receiving multimodal therapy, consisting of external field radiation therapy (XRT) in combination with chemotherapy, radiosensitisers or both (E.g. Nieder 2004, 2-year survival rates 13% versus 23% in glioblastomas). Indeed, combination of XRT with temozolomide chemotherapy has become the treatment standard for gliomas, although efficacy is only observed in a minority of patients.
131I-ACD-101 combines a chemotherapeutic and a radiosensitising activity with a therapeutically active radiation in a single pharmaceutical composition. 131I-ACD-101 has an excellent radiation safety profile, inducing minimal, if any bone marrow toxicity, as demonstrated in first patients with low- and high grade gliomas.

Clinical example:
After single injection of 2GBq 131I-ACD-101 induced a sustained reduction in tumour volume in a patient with recurrent progressive low-grade glioma, and no further treatment options. The patient is alive 3.5 years after first treatment.
Key result: sustained reduction of pathological amino acid uptake and gross tumour volume

In addition, a combination of multimodal 131I-ACD-101 therapy with with standard XRT is possible, well tolerated, and further enhances the therapeutic impact.
As observed in preclinical experiments, a histological eradication of the tumour, was observed so far in one patient having undergone combination therapy (6 GBq + 60 Gy).

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